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Since the launch of our sustainability program, we have planted this many trees and we will never stop, TODAY we are giving life to new trees:
and we have collected this many plastic bottles and we will never stop, TODAY we are still picking up the trash:
Become a planet saver and do-gooder! Purchase any 2 products and we will plant 1 tree and collect 8 plastic bottles from the shores with our partner organizations, providing fair income to families living in deep poverty.
You are in the best place if you are looking for a professional hairdressing solution for pampering and beautifying your hair crown and the professional care of your scalp! Discover the rich offerings of the colorful world of professional hairdressing: Imperity premium quality hairdressing cosmetics - now you can order to your house from the comfort of your home with a few clicks. The latest methods of hair and scalp care with the help of the most advanced formulas and recipes. Get the most out of your hair - at an affordable price!
Are you a hairdresser?
Click on the 'For hairdressers' menu item where after your professional registration, we are awaiting you with special hairdresser prices, sales, and professional information.
Product Catalogue 2022


“Fresh from the hairdresser” hairstyle feeling: between two salon treatments - at home too!
Do you also love the inimitably delicious feeling when you step out of the hairdresser salon with a freshly made, well-groomed, professional hairstyle? Do you also like to reap the appreciative praises and compliments of your environment, about how good your hairstyle looks and how beautiful your hair is? Do you also love to have a permanently problem-free scalp and your hair to be brilliantly beautiful from health: your hairstyle to look like it’s made in a salon every day?
How can your hair be as well-groomed, shiny and professionally supported in everyday life as if you had just come from a hairdresser?
The good news is that we make the hairdressing cosmetics needed for professional hair care treatments available not only in the Imperity® hairdressing salons and the best hairdressing supplies stores in the country,but from the Imperity® web store directly to be ordered comfortably: from your home to your home.
Love Your Hair
We understand that because you could not go to a hairdresser at the time of the epidemic, where you could have received the usual professional treatments, you had to literally take “things” into your own hands at home. We find that after the epidemic, shoppers consider much more about what they are spending their money on and they are spending much less. But they don’t let go of one thing: their high-standard. It is an expectation and a trend to increasingly choose better, premium quality, but at the same time affordable professional products. We see that, meeting not only social but also self-expectations, more and more young people today, but also those who want to look youthful, are becoming interested in the professional quality of hair and scalp care and are carefully considering what to apply in their usual daily beauty routine. They consider our hair cosmetic materials and tools a worthwhile investment in the health and well-being of their hair and scalp.