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Hairdresser's workshop - Budapest, March 05, 2022

Thank you to all our dear hairdressing participants for their desire to learn how to use Imperity products, we had a hard-working day: the training lasted from 10.05 in the morning to 20.05 in the evening. After a theoretical foundation, we created the hairstyles of 3 models in practice. If you like it, we welcome all interested hairdressers to our upcoming trainings. The hairstyle collection was created by Imperity hairdressers under the guidance of Zsolt Ligetvári - master hairdresser, Imperity 's leading hairdressing instructor.

Fodrász workshop 2021. november 27. Beautystore oktatóterem, Székesfehérvár (Kállai kft.)




Imperity hairdresser's workshop, Budapest, September 25, 2021.

The science of hair dyeing - theory and practice
Hair coloring from the basics to the master's degree ...

After the theoretical knowledge in the morning, the afternoon was about practice: Blonde model hair color was pre-bleached with Blonderator bleaching powder and 6% Impevita Activator, then tinted with 15 g Singularity 10.02 + 15g Singularity 10.21 + 20 g Singularity SPCP and 3% Singularity Oxivator. ImPLEX 1-2 knitting reconstruction product (more: and After Color Acid Technique color fixing product - more: https: // www. - we also used.

The hair color of the brown model is Impevita 5.24. + 1.5% Impevita Activator. ImPLEX 1-2 knitting reconstruction product (more: and After Color Acid Technique color fixing product - more: https: // www. - we also used.

Thank you for the participation of all our dear hairdressing colleagues and we welcome all hairdressers to our trainings!


Imperity Hairdressing Professional Trainings

Our trainings consist of overlapping modules

We recommend that all our dear hairdressers for the sake of better understanding - for their own benefit - take part in each training course from the beginning, rather than choosing intermediate and advanced training right away.

I. / Basic training:

Color theory and master technique of perfect gray hair coverage with Singularity hair dye

Dye composition ratios for different degrees of grayness - changing the color depth of gray hair - lightening and darkening - and color direction: professional tips on how to make a warm shade into a cool shade and vice versa.

Refreshing the basics of color theory from A-Z - everything necessary and worthwhile to know to make your daily salon work easier.

Practical demonstration on a live model.


II./Intermediate trainings

II.1/ Perfect blonde

II.2/ Vibrant red

III. Advanced Training:

Highlight techniques, ombre and balayage

IV./ Hair Straightening and Curling Master Techniques


V. / Using Impevita New Generation Hair Dyes:
practical tips and Master tricks for hairdressers who like “free” hair dye


How to apply:

You can apply for the training by filling out the form below.

The number of applicants is limited, applications are confirmed in chronological order by the course organizer. Anyone who has to cancel their application in the meantime for any reason is kindly requested to send a notification of cancellation to in writing - as soon as possible but at least 3 days before the date of the given training. Those who have applied for the training and have not appeared at least twice without prior, regular cancellation will unfortunately no longer be able to register for further trainings.

The participation fee must be paid in cash at the training site. All participants will receive an invoice for the training.

The training will be held if a minimum of 12 people apply, and subject to the current headcount and any other official restrictions due to the CoVid19 pandemic.

The organizer reserves the right to cancel the course unilaterally or to change the date, which he must do in writing to applicants at least 3 days before the start of the course.



The professional instructor of our hairdressing trainings.

Zsolt Ligetvári

Master of Hairdressing

I come from a hairdressing dynasty family: my mother (Zsuzsanna Solti), my grandmother (Gézáné Solti “Szöszi”), my uncle (Géza Solti) are – or were also hairdressers. We were all pillar members of the Fashion Hairdressing Association as long as the cooperative form existed ...