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Imperity Professional Milano - at the forefront of the world's professional hairdressing industry for more than a decade Premium quality products - with modern recipes, selected valuable, rich active ingredient content - the much-advertised brands are only more in price. We compete - the result is yours!

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The registration is a two-step process:

1. First, by filling out the form, you must provide your information for your professional and business identification and billing, by answering the questions in the form below.

2. You must send a photo of your certificate of hairdressing to webshop@imperity.ite-mail address

3. Our staff will check your details – in case of any further questions, they will call you - if all is well, they will transfer you to the hairdressers customer group within 3 working days, this will be confirmed to you by e-mail.

4. From then on – starting after the confirmation - you can buy as a hairdresser at favorable, current hairdresser prices and enjoy the benefits of the special discounts announced here.

Our hairdressers love working with Imperity products for these reasons. Watch the videos and read some reviews now.


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